Microcel Premium

Microcel Premium Fractional CO2 Laser

New Generation of Fractional CO2 Laser with easy drawing & 1540nm Superficial ablation System.

Unique Features
  • It has 3 Fractional Probes (Fractional, Surgical, Vaginal Probes)
  • Fractional Probe
    • 0.1mm, 0.2mm Ablative Fractional Probe
    • 1.0mm (1054nm) Non-ablative
    Surgical Probe
    • Diameter 100mm & 50mm
    Vaginal Probes
    • Vaginal and Vulva Probe
    • Vaginal Treatment includes 360 degree and 90 degree treatment
  • Fractional Laser is a revolutionary treatment based on Fractional Photothermolysis theory
  • It has a Unique advantages in a short time
  • Easy Changeable Tips (probes)
  • Easy Selective Parameters & Selectable Area
  • Easy Selective Parameters & Selectable Area
  • Easy Drawing Mode
  • Articulated arm with 7 mirrors
  • It comes with cutting treatment head
  • Works on All Skin types and Scars

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