New Era in Active Q-switch Laser High Quality US Imported Laser Nd:Yag Rod & Lamp provides the stable and powerful energy for longtime treatment

It comes with wide range Of Handpiece Options:
1)1064 nm+532 nm 2) 650 nm 3) 585 nm 4) 1064 nm Fractional MLA 5) 1064 nm Fractional DOE 6) Fractional 532 nm

Unique Features
  • It works on 5 modes
  • i) Genesis Mode (Quasi-Long pulse) ii) Single Mode iii) Dual Pulse Mode (PTP) iv) Fractional Mode v) 532nm
  • It has Stable and High Power Energy Supply
  • Achieve uniform distribution of energy, without generating local high hotspot
  • Energy is effectively absorbed by the target color, which prevent skin from being wounded.
  • Adjustable spot size for patients comfort
  • Remove dead skin cell & Acne by doing soft peel with carbon cream
  • Soft peel with Carbon cream removes dead skin cell, Acne (Especially Seborrhea)
  • Helps in skin brightening & complete skin rejuvenation by stimulating a brous cell in the skin. Works on Freckles, Melisma, Age Spot, Café au Lait, wrinkle and Large pores reduction.
  • Q’Laze is best to use for Tattoo Removal, Carbon Peel
  • Easy User Guide Interface

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