Artemis-I Premium

Designed for Effective and Permanent Hair Reduction Imported High Power Diode Laser from OSRAM - Germany

It comes with two types of handpiece
1) Gold Standard - 808nm
2) 3 Wavelength (New Era in MNRF) -755nm+808nm+1064nm

Unique Features
  • Two different hand piece for total permanent hair reduction
  • Gold standard 808nm and triple wavelength hand piece
  • Very effective from 1st sitting
  • Suitable and safe for all skin types
  • Works on all hair color, depths and diameters
  • Continuously Sapphire freezing cooling temperature head providing cooling upto -5o C for maximum safety and comfort.
  • Three different dedicated modes with 6 level adjustment according to the skin color & hair thickness.
  • Energy meter and energy timer for accumulation of the energy
  • Self-check and protective software up to 15 Hz pulse repetition rate allows a fast inmotion treatment to save the time and cost. Industrial Grade Chiller
  • DI water – ION Concentration online test

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